University of Birmingham - UoB

A Consortium of 2 complementary groups at the University of Birmingham.

l Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory (NPRL), School of Physics, the work of which is reflected in 3 main research strengths: nanoclusters (science & applications); molecular manipulation & assembly; nanocharacterisation & nanofabrication. The NPRL has strong links with major industrial partners (e.g., Johnson Matthey, MIBA, JEOL, Omicron/Oxford Instruments) & a number of SME's including the 4 spin-off companies set up since 2005.

l The Centre in Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cells, School of Chemical Engineering.

More broadly, Birmingham’s nanotechnology network connects researchers from physics & chemistry with engineers & materials researchers as well as bio-medical & environmental scientists.

The UoB consortium consists of 6 academics, 8 research fellows, 20 PhDs.

Catsense ESRs and ER at the University of Birmingham

  • ESR3: Rongsheng Cai
  • ESR3A: Yubiao Niu
  • ER2: Zhiya Dang