WP5. Catalyst Testing

D.5.1 First report on the successful (electro)catalysis test of tailored clusters
D.5.2 First report on single-molecule catalysis and/or optical properties of individual clusters

D.5.3 First report on successful catalysis test of (bi)metallic clusters in gas flow reactors

Successful test for CO oxidation in a micro-reactor at DTU on AuTi clusters desposited at UoB

Successful test for CO oxidation in a gas-flow reactor at KUL of PdNi clusters deposited at TCL

D.5.4 Publication on (electro)catalytic testing of tailored clusters

  • The paper entitled activity of physically deposited Au/Cu alloy clusters on MgO towards CO oxidation is in preparation.  
  • Enhancement of the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction from Ni-MoS2 Hybrid Nanoclusters. ACS Catal. 2016, 6, 6008–6017
  • Manuscript “Mass-Selected NiFe Nanoparticles for the Catalysis of Oxygen Evolution: Investigation of Size Trends, Coverage Effects and Subsurface Activity” is in preparation.