WP2. Characterization of deposited clusters

D.2.1 AFM and S-TEM images of metallic clusters on flat substrates & carbon grid in Month 12
D.2.2 First report on successful optical measurements of tailored clusters on transparent substrates in Month 18
D.2.3 Peer reviewed paper on the full characterization of size selected clusters on different surfaces e.g. oxide surfaces, large area carbon tape, electrodes, micro-reactors and transparent substrates in Month 23

High resolution STEM imaging of Au309 clusters deposited on t-ZrO2 was performed;
HAADF-STEM images, size distributions and composition simulation of core-shell structure of Au/Ti clusters fabricated under low and high He flow rate were obtained.
HAADF-STEM imaging with atomic resolution and size and composition distribution investigations of AuxCu1-x clusters on MgO was performed, as well as core-shell AuxAg1-x cluster STEM combined with GISAXS synchrotron characterization. First EXAFS measurements have been performed on PdTi clusters (D.2.1) and 3 new proposals for beamtime at the ESRF have been granted beamtime.


D 2.4 First Report on successful correlation of characterization of metallic clusters & catalytic reaction (M34)