Catsense, whose goal is to design novel high performance catalysts and biosensors based on gas-phase metal clusters is a new FP7-ITN-Marie Curie European training project for young researchers in nanotechnology that has started 1st January 2014.

Catsense's innovative concept is to consider metal clusters science as a new emerging supra-disciplinary field bridging (electro) catalysis (directly applicable to fuel cell technology) and biosensing technologies. Its goals are to train contribute to the reduction of the fragmentation of the nanotechnology sector in Europe and to accelerate the pace of discovery of novel high performance nanomaterials.

New ER2 opening position!

12/21/2015 1:47:13 AM

One ER opening position with starting date 1st February 2016. Application Deadline 8th January 2016. Check the Vacancies menu and apply online !

New! ATC7-Workshop + SBM5 + ATC2-Labcourse in March in Leuven

12/21/2015 1:50:37 AM

ATC7-Workshop + SBM5 + ATC2-Labcourse in Leuven from March 7th to March 11th, 2016. TO DO: Register online for each event

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3/18/2015 1:50:12 AM

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